I wrote my first piece for publication in 1951, got a dollar in the mail. Wish I still had it! As I continue to write, I’ve been blessed by the wonderful critiques by my Workshop group, the Hemet Interrobangs (don’t know what an interrobang is? Look it up) The first two books about my Chinese/Samoan homicide detective, Alan Wang, have been a great success. A Counterfeit Conspiracy sets the stage for later action (it is now available on Kindle).

The second, Sinister Intentions has done well too. I have finished the writing and several edits of the third book in the Alan Wang series, Heroin, Lobsters & Pandas which takes our man to whole new arenas. He has also given me the plot for #4.

In the meantime, I have put out a little piece called The Water Jar which is available on Kindle and as a print copy. It is a collection of two short stories and some poetry with an inspirational bent which already I’ve received good feedback for. A note on that one, as we head down the calendar toward the holidays.

One of the short stories is KNIGHTS BEFORE CHRISTMAS, which I published alone some time ago. I think this new collection will do well. As I move forward with another critique group and as a member of the Diamond Valley Writers Guild, I appreciate all who have bought and read my stories. Thank you!