Four short stories from the pen of George Gurney

Book Cover: ...and four to go
Part of the Short Stories series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 162
Paperback: $ 8.95
ISBN: 978-1478156505
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 162

A milquetoast bookseller finds himself embroiled in murder and smuggling, a veteran snipe takes revenge on an uncaring society,a 1930's booze smuggler matches wits with a cocky detective, and two police detectives track a strange serial killer.

Reviews:Bernadette Crepeau on Amazon wrote:

I always get excited when a new George L. Gurney novel is coming out. But I ask myself, "Can he do it again and pull off another fascinating story?" I also ask myself, "What will he write now, another cookbook, a mystery or a spy novel?” No matter what George produces I know it will be well written and leave me wanting more "...and four to go." does not disappoint.

Bob White on Amazon wrote:

I had the privilege of reading these stories while they were being created. Each one, masterfully crafted with a twist at the end. You read one and then, like your favorite treat, you must have another..

Carla on Amazon wrote:

I really enjoyed reading this book. I have an extremely busy schedule and dont have time for reading, but this book was perfect for picking up during my lunch breaks or occasionally when my boss isn't looking xD I have already given it out for friends to read.

darlene on Amazon wrote:

The short stories sweep you along with gratifying sink-into-your-deck-chair ease. An enjoyable read!!!