2011-01-24 15.02.54.jpg-DSERT2 The Alan Wang Mysteries

This is the new website for George L. Gurney, author of the Alan Wang Mysteries, and other works. I will contact you all, my followers and fans, periodically. I hope you will bear with me as I learn how to navigate this technical world, for which I am ill equipped.

At this point, I want you to know that the Fourth book in the Wang series is now out and available as a print book, or on Kindle. It is titled, Galileo’s Ghost, and starts in the school where Alan Wang went to High School. Galileo Academy of Science and Technology. He always remembers it as Galileo High. As these stories of Alan Wang and his cast continue, I find people who went to school there and getting acquainted with some of the staff at the school, I feel more comfortable now wearing my “Galileo” Tee.

I hope you like this episode.

Book Five is now out, AN ACCIDENTAL FOX  An Alan Wang/Dexter Kimani Mystery. In this one, Dexter takes over the main story altho we do keep up with Wang and Quinn. In the process of writing this piece I was able to attend the Forensic Science Academy here in Southern California. Basic, Advanced, and Photography for the Crime Scene Investigator. It was an eye-opening experience and I’m happy to say some of those mistakes in previous works have been corrected going forward. Those of you who are CSI’s and active police, I hope will bear with me as I use what I learned there.

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